November 7, 2017


Departure points

  • Carlisle (Brunton Park Reception)
  • Penrith (the Castle opposite the railway station)

Any other points are by agreement at the time of booking. Some departures may be subject to alteration, please check departure time when booking.

How to book your seat

Phone the travel number 07563 700 987. Seats can be paid for on the coach, but must be booked prior to travel.

Ticket information

Ticket information can be found on the Carlisle United official website; alternatively contact the ticket office on 01228 526 237.

Forthcoming away fixtures

Travel details for 2018/19 season will be available from the Carlisle United official website.

How can I pay for my travel – 2017/18 Season

There are four ways in which you can pay for your seasons travel:

  • Standing Order payments £50 per month over a 12 month period
  • Cash payments – £60 per month over a 10 month period
  • Cash payment – £600 for the season
  • Cash payments – 2 x £300

For all of these methods of payment you receive £116 reduction in the overall seasons travel prices. If you are interested see Kate for further information.